What is this?

Glad you asked! 718 Records is an independent record label based in Staten Island, NY that's looking to put out great records we love from bands that push the envelope of originality. We are touring musicians and showgoers ourselves who stay rooted in multiple music scenes and want to showcase how great they are.

That's cool, but are you a REAL record label? What do you do?

Real is whatever you want it to be, we act as the hybrid of your basic corporate-guys-in-suits label and a distribution label. Our focus is giving artists things they don't have, distribution to streaming services like Spotify/Apple Music/Google Play etc, and printing our artists music to different mediums in all types of cool colors and configurations that they could possibly desire. Aside from that we do use the press outlets we've gathered ourselves throughout our years in bands and send our artists music to those outlets every time a new release happens for coverage and reviews. We can also help our artists by giving them contacts to book tour

Mediums? Nice! So you can get my band vinyl?

Mediums, yes! Vinyl, not at the moment no. For now we're focusing on CD and Cassette printing. Vinyl someday in the future as we grow as a label, so don't count that out yet!

Sounds good, will you sign my band? Are you Taking Submissions?

We absolutely are ALWAYS taking submissions, please send us private streaming links (you can do this through either Bandcamp or Soundcloud) to submissions@718-records.com with a little bit of info about your band, and what you're looking to do with this release! Please DO NOT send mp3 files for us to download in your email to us, we will most likely either not reply or just ask you to send the music again as streaming files. We're all pretty busy and mobile people, so most times we're listening to submissions on the go, and file downloads just complicate the process and delay how long it'll take us to get back to you when mobile.

What if I have a question about something else? (Questions about an order or payment)

Please send that to general@718-records.com and we'll be happy to assist as quickly as possible.

This all sounds crazy cool and I run a blog/zine/site that wants to talk about how cool your label is!

Wow thanks! Thats extremely nice of you, if you want to get in touch with us about writing about us or our artists please reach out to press@718-records.com and we'll talk!