718R011 - Jazz Cats! 8 December 2017

Hey now hey now! This is our last release of 2017 so we had to go out with a bang. We're happy to give you Jazz Cats, a split record between our lovelies Emergency Protocol and Calendar Year! Be on the lookout for these 4 hot tracks and some cool announcements from both bands next year. In the meantime be sure to pick up a tape!

718R0010 - So Yesterday 11 August 2017

Milestone time! Happy to announce our 10th release as a label! We're working with So Yesterday from Queens to issue out their self titled record on cd, tape and digital distro! Orders are currently live in the store, and the band is currently on a two week east coast tour which you can find out more about on their Facebook page!

718R009 - Glenn Matthews - Maintenance 9 March 2017

We're going to be working with solo project Glenn Matthews from West chester, PA on releasing their album Maintenance, which originally came out in September of 2016, on CD and Forest green cassette tape! Pre-orders are live now and will ship out by the end of the month. Glenn Matthews will also be departing on a month long US tour beginning on March 29th, ending in a show hosted by us in Staten Island, NY on April 22nd! Listen to Maintenance now on Spotify, Apple Music and more , and be sure to check out Glenn Matthews Facebook page for more details on their upcoming tour!

718R008 - Diet - Spectrum 15 December 2016

Diet has announced their full length album "Spectrum" today which will release on 718 Records on 1/6/2017. Preorders are now available, get them while they're hot!

Track Listing:

1. Pedestrian
2. Pathos
3. Mondegreen
4. Embers
5. Sibling (The Devil & Fern)
6. o
7. Gogo
8. Bee
9. Poseur
10. 440
11. W.A.S.
12. Carlada

718R007 Calendar Year - Jaded, Apathetic, With No Hope for The Future! 14 October 2016


Staten Island's two piece emo/power pop duo Calendar Year have released their debut EP "Jaded, Apathetic, with No Hope for The Future!" through us, currently live on all streaming services and available for purchase on bandcamp, be sure to check out this 14 track goodness. CDs / Tapes will be available in early 2017!

718R006 - "Self Deprecator" by Deergod Pre-Orders and Emergency Protocol Tour! 9 August 2016

We're co-releasing the debut LP from Canadian punk band Deergod with Martian Machine Records on both cassette and CD! Pre-orders are currently live in our store and are expected to ship out after September 9th so be sure to snag one!

They're also premiering a music video for their first single "Gravity" via Live in Limbo, check that out below!


Additionally Emergency Protocol is currently in the middle of their "pancakewave" tour! Catch the bands at one of the dates below and be sure to pick something up!

718R005 - "Tell Them Diz Sent You" by Emergency Protocol 28 July 2016

Hello Hello!

Time for a new announcement, we've released Emergency Protocol's sophomore EP "Tell Them Diz Sent You" on Cassette. This marks our 5th release as a label, cool! (With many more to come in the next few months) stream the EP in all its mathy and emotional glory at the spotify link below

Diggin it? Head on over to our store and pick up a cassette or CD! Cassettes are limited to a run of 40 so grab them while they're still in stock or from the band themselves.


See everyone soon with more news, more bands, and more releases.

-718 Records

Welcome To 718 Records! And Welcome to Brevity! 15 June 2016

This is all very exciting, welcome to our brand new website! For those viewing it on its first day, congrats! You'll be the one to see the most changes as the site will go through various changes in the coming days as we update and tweak things to our liking.

More Importantly, "No More Birthdays" by Brevity is out today!

Listen to Brevity's debut EP today on all streaming services and order a Cassette / CD through our store page! If you have any questions or would like to submit your band to 718 Records, please see our FAQ page for contact info and answers!